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Sol Trujillo National Lifetime Leadership Award

The Sol Trujillo National Lifetime Leadership Award 
The Sol Trujillo National Lifetime Leadership award was established to recognize and celebrate individuals who have dedicated their time, talents and energy to improving the educational opportunities for Hispanic and Latino youth. 
Sol Trujillo is a global telecommunications, media, and cable industry executive. Sol was America's first US-born Hispanic to serve as CEO of a Fortune 200 company. 
"The scholarships given by the Latin American Educational Foundation have helped thousands of students attend college or vocational schools. Without LAEF, many students would not fulfill their dreams of furthering their education. Life is better here for so many Hispanic youth thanks to the Latin American Educational Foundation. I congratulate LAEF on their fine work and thank each of you for supporting LAEF." 
-Sol Trujillo

     Tim Marquez Honored as the Recipient of the Sol Trujillo National Lifetime Leadership Award

Tony Salazar, President of LAEF's Board of Directors,Tim Marquez and Sol Trujillo   
LAEF honored Tim Marquez as the recipient of the Sol Trujillo National Lifetime Leadership award at our annual Gala 2019. Tim Marquez has contributed greatly tothe educational advancement of youth in Denver and throughout Colorado. He was the co-founder of the Denver Scholarship Foundation, which provides significant scholarship funds and college advisement services to students in Denver Public Schools, and he was the co-founder the Latino Leadership Institute, which has been instrumental with advancing the careers of young Hispanic community and business leaders in Colorado.
Tim Marquez was born and raised in Denver, and he attended Colorado School of Mines earning a degree in Petroleum Engineering. Mr. Marquez has spend much of his life and career in the gas and petroleum field. Thank you Tim Marquez for your commitment to education.
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