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Planned Giving to LAEF

A planned gift is any major gift, made in lifetime or at death as part of a donor’s overall financial and/or estate planning. A gift of your retirement assets, such as a gift from your IRA, 401k, 403b, pension or other tax deferred plan, is an excellent way to make a gift to LAEF.  If you are like most people, you probably will not use all of your retirement assets during your lifetime. Make a gift and help further our mission.

Give your retirement assets in your will
Did you know that 50%-60% of your retirement assets may be taxed if you leave them to your heirs at your death? Another option is to leave your heirs assets that receive a step up in basis (such as real estate and stock) and give the retirement assets to LAEF. As a charity, we are not taxed upon receiving an IRA or other retirement plan assets.

How to transfer your retirement assets
Your retirement assets may be transferred to LAEF by completing a beneficiary designation form provided by your plan custodian. If you designate LAEF as beneficiary, we will benefit from the full value of your gift because your IRA assets will not be taxed at your death. Your estate will benefit from an estate tax charitable deduction for the gift.

If you are interested in having a conversation with us about planned giving, call us at (303) 446-0541.


Legacy Giving Society

Legacy Giving Society was established to honor and recognize those individuals who have included a planned gift to LAEF in their estate plan, as well as those who have made a minimum contribution of $25,000 to the endowment fund.




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