Community Coalition

LAEF has also taken a leadership role in developing the Community Coalition. Working with a coalition of Latino employer groups and scholarship organizations, LAEF supports their scholarship programs by providing community organizations the needed applications, review, evaluation, and distribution process. This spirit of collaboration with community organizations allows LAEF to help improve each organization’s efficiencies, thus providing more financial resources to directly meet the needs of our students.

Benefits of the Community Coalition

   1. LAEF has more than 60 years of experience managing scholarship programs, our expertise helps reduce ineffeciencies
   2. Potential to recieve matching funds from our partner unviersities and colleges through the Colorado Higher Education Partnership
   3. Leverage existing relationships with universities and colleges around the state and the nation
   4. LAEF staff is dedicated specifically to managing scholarship programs

If you are interested in learning more about our community coalition contact us, we look forward to collaborating with you.

Community Coalition Partners

  • Coors Hispanic Employee Network
  • Denver Scholarship Foundation
  • KeyBank Foundation
  • STRIVE Preparartory Schools