Young Professionals Board


The LAEF Young Professionals Board, YPB, was established to enhance the mission of LAEF, through outreach to LAEF alumni and other young professionals, and increase public awareness and visibility of LAEF. Through mentoring relationships with scholarship recipients, our LAEF young professionals will foster greater student success and higher graduation rates, ultimately helping to develop leaders of the future.



  • Mentoring
    • Establish relationships with LAEF scholarship recipients
      • Goal to improve student success and graduation rates
  • Fundraising
    • To increase involvement of alumni and younger professionals
  • Outreach
    • Leverage LAEF alumni and young professionals to increase public awareness
  • Leadership
    • Create pipeline of future prospective LAEF leaders

YPB Members

Miranda Aragon Mast,YPB President
Talking Together, Inc.

Assael Ramirez,YPB Vice President
P2Binvestor, Inc.

Ana Lara-Roca,YPB Secretary
In Sight Counseling of Colorado

Efrain Davila,YPB Treasurer
Xcel Energy

To learn more about the YBP or if you are interested in becoming a member, please contact Jim Chavez.