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When you donate to LAEF you are supporting the educational dreams of hundreds of Latino and Hispanic youth across the State of Colorado. All donations to the Latin American Educational Foundation are tax-deductible. As 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization the Latin American Educational Foundation generates its funds from corporations,
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Keilly Leon
Colorado State University
Political Science 2023
I wanted to sincerely thank every donor and sponsor of the Latin American Educational Foundation for their continuous support. This year presented many students like me with unprecedented challenges; having to adjust to a fully online format and an unforeseen pandemic. Though this semester was the most challenging personally and academically, having the support and backing of LAEF allowed me to remain motivated to continue pursuing my dreams. LAEF became a symbol of hope to continue my educational journey and evidence of my academic efforts throughout the years. LAEF provides more than financial assistance, it serves as a reminder that any student coming from any background is allowed the opportunity to better themselves. LAEF has provided me with a community of other equally amazing aspiring scholars and the constant support needed to persevere as a college student. This scholarship has opened up numerous doors and led to opportunities for my professional career aspirations and my educational journey. As a political science major, I am passionate about the state of our country and fighting for other deserving students and underrepresented communities like mine. My goal is to eventually attend law school and become an attorney. LAEF and every donor have altered my life in ways I cannot fully express; it has allowed me to focus on my future and make my parents proud. Eventually, I want to extend this kindness and support that has been shared with me and give back in a similar manner.
Adam Carranco
Colorado School of Mines
Mechanical Engineering 2024
My name is Adam Carranco, and I wanted to express my gratitude for your contribution to my future. Whether it be big or small it means the most in my ability to pursue higher education at the Colorado School of Mines. I major in Mechanical Engineering and anticipate graduating in 2024. Know that your investment will not go to waste and I will do everything in my power to be a successful student. As a first-generation Latino and college student, your contribution is making history in my family. Through the resources, mentorship, and funds that LAEF has provided to me, I have been able to pursue an education at my dream school. These resources have helped me better adapt as a freshman in college and has given me an advantage of starting college. Following graduation, I plan to go straight to industry working in the engineering field. After some time in the industry, I hope to return to school for a master's degree in a complementary field.
Carla Caro 
University of Redlands
Latin American Studies & Public Policy
My name is Carla Caro and I am a current junior at the University of Redlands in Redlands, California. I am currently double majoring in Latin American Studies and Public Policy with an emphasis in Immigration and Civil Rights and also a minor in Race and Ethnic Studies. I want to thank you for your donations to the LAEF organization that has made it possible for me to pursue my passions in higher education. I am to graduate in April 2022 and would not have gotten this far without all your help. I greatly appreciate what you have done for me and for countless others, not only us students but also for the community as well. I am excited to say that I will continue into either graduate school or law school once I finish my bachelor's degree at the University of Redlands. This organization has helped me in more ways than I will ever be able to say, and alongside your generous donations I am paving a better life not just for myself but for my family as well. I greatly appreciate everything you have done!