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Current Scholarship Recipients

Congratulations LAEF Scholars
Meet our 2019-2020 LAEF Scholars!
This past weekend, LAEF was proud to recognize and award our students with their scholarship at our Annual Scholarship Reception.
The scholarship reception not only honored our students but provided insightful guidance about their future experiences in college. The sessions for our students were about First-Year Success, Student Self-care and Wellness, and Leadership Development. Parent sessions included information about Student Support Strategies for Parents. The sessions available for parents and students together were Career Prep: Personal Branding, Grad School Admission Toolbox, Financial Aid: Money Matters, Know your Rights, and the LAEF Scholarship Program Overview. Some sessions were available in English and Spanish.
This year LAEF awarded scholarships nearly 100 students including 63 renewing students or upperclassmen and 30 Freshmen. With the LAEF scholarship our students will receive upwards
of $200,000 towards their education.
LAEF's scholars, parents, supporters and friends!
LAEF's Annual Scholarship Reception was also attended by other guests including parents, family, friends, and supporters of our students. We thank them for the support and encouragement they have provided to our students. Welcome to the LAEF family!
Federico Peña Message of Perseverance
LAEF Board of Directors, Jim Chavez and Federico Peña
We were honored to have Federico Peña joined us for the scholarship reception. He deliver words of inspiration and encouragement, but also reminded our students they would encounter obstacles and challenges. He challenge students to persevere and be committed to completing their degrees. We thank Federico Peña for supporting our community and our future leaders. His dedication to education has opened the doors to many students and motivated many to pursue their higher education.