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Programs and Services

College Access and Success!

The Latin American Educational Foundation
is dedicated to providing students and their families with the
resources and services needed to make going to college
a reality.

Our goals are ultimately to reduce the barriers for
Hispanic students in attaining their college degrees,
helping them realize their own potential, all while
nurturing a resource that will benefit us all.

LAEF is a one-stop center of information, providing guidance to
parents and students, helping to navigate the college process. 
LAEF’s services are free of charge and available in English and Spanish. 


Our services include:
• College Planning
• Enrollment and Registration Guidance and Assistance
• Financial Aid Guidance
• Scholarship Support
• College Transition
• Career Planning

LAEF’s services and resources are provided via group forums,
including workshops and presentations,
as well as on a one-on-one and walk-in basis.

Need help finding out if you qualify for in-state tuition? Click in the link above to obtain information and find out if you qualify!

The College Opportunity Fund program provides a stipend for new and continuing in-state students going to college in Colorado. To receive the stipend, a student must apply for and authorize the...

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