LAEF COVID-19 Emergency Fund

Helping LAEF Scholars Recover from
the COVID-19 Pandemic
LAEF works every day to help our scholars and their families navigate the college-going process. The ultimate goal is that our students earn their college degree. The COVID-19 pandemic has caused health and economic hardships for our communities, in particular our scholars andtheir families.
While businesses are slowly opening up, the recovery process will be long and difficult. For the Hispanic and Latino community the recovery will be even longer and more challenging. Since the pandemic started, sixty percent of our scholars lost their jobs and 50% of our scholar's parents are now unemployed. As a result, families are having difficulties meeting their immediate basic needs, living expenses and college-related expenses.
To address these needs, LAEF established a COVID-19 Emergency Fund to provide support to scholarship recipients and their families. By helping provide for these basic needs now, we can better ensure our students can successfully continue their education in the fall and ultimately earn their degree.
LAEF has already awarded 29 grants to our scholars and their families to help cover immediate basic living expenses. Miguel Jaramillo, a sophomore at the University of Denver majoring in Computer Science, is one of these grant recipients. Miguel wrote, "Thank you for the funds that were generously given to me and my family. It really makes a significant difference, especially during these trying times. With this help we were able to pay our utility bills and get my mom's car fixed. Once again, thank you to all the donors who made this possible!"
We still have more families in need. With your support we can continue to help students and their families recover from the hardships of this pandemic.